FleekNews is an online, satirical news outlet that thrives off of the imagination.  We use conjecture, and real world situations to generate thought-provoking, and entertaining content.  In other words, we just make up sh!t to see if the public will take a few extra seconds to research the outlandish crap we type.

Now, with that being said, expect our stories to contain some, or no real facts or explanations as to how we drew a certain conclusion or hypothesis. We are on-point with our creativity only–NOT our facts; hence we encourage the public to do it’s due diligence when reading or believing ANYTHING found out in cyberspace.  Nuff said?


Fleek Staff:

Josie Beatty: Founder, Editor-In-Chief

Angie Beatty: Deputy Editor 

Mary Willis: Contributing Writer

Felice Brown: Contributing Writer